The 10th anniversary competition, named SASUKE2002秋 (literally SASUKE 2002 fall), is the second tournament held in 2002 and the sixth tournament since Akiyama Kazuhiko's kanzenseiha. To celebrate the 10th tournament anniversary, competitors wore the numbers from #901-1000 instead of the normal #1-100. SASUKE 10 also became the first tournament in which SASUKE became an independent tournament, rather than being a spin-off of Kinniku Banzuke (due to its cancellation in May 2002).

Three new obstacles were introduced: the Dāsu Bridge and the Tarzan Rope in the First Stage, and the Balance Tank in the Second Stage. The Tarzan Rope was proven to be a energy drainer obstacle, as Nakayama Kinnikun and Yamamoto Shingo failed and timed out respectively, because of it. The First Stage was proven to be brutal, as Yamada Katsumi was the only SASUKE All-Star to clear and the only one out of the last twenty competitors to clear. Nakata Daisuke finished the First Stage with the fastest time of just 2.85 seconds left.

The Second Stage eliminated one out of the five competitors, and four competitors advanced to the Third Stage. Yamada was the Last Man Standing and had the best result of the tournament. Similar to SASUKE 6, Yamada made it all the way to the end of the Pipe Slider. However, on the jump, he landed too short on the mat and fell backward into the water. In Yamada's interview after his failure, he said one of the most famous lines in the history of the tournament, "俺には…、SASUKEしかないんですよ" which literally means: "For me, there is nothing else except SASUKE". However, he never reached the Third Stage again since then.

First Stage


Godantobi 五段跳び

Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太

^Dāsu Bridge ダースブリッジ

*Jump Hang ジャンプハング

Soritatsu Kabe そり立つ壁

^Tarzan Rope ターザンロープ

Rope Climb ロープクライム

Time Limit: 80 seconds

^ Denotes New Obstacle

* Denotes modified obstacle


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
901 Noguchi Yasutada (26) Japanese Record Holder in Shot Put Jump Hang ジャンプハング First to clear Dasu Bridge.
902 Kameyama Rei (17) Japan Jr. World Trampolinist Jump Hang ジャンプハング Disqualified. When he grabbed the net so he can run the down part of Jump Hang's net, his foot skimmed the water and he lost grip of the net, falling into the water.
904 Mineo Takahiro (41) Trucker Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太
906 Ōno Tomoko (30) Ten Year Cheerleading History Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太
908 Kirii Hideo (32) Ramen Chef Godantobi 五段跳び
910 Koujō Tasuku (20) 2nd Year School Student at Univeristy of Tokyo, College of Science Dāsu Bridge ダースブリッジ
912 ナイリ・アブデラミッド (35) Gymnast from Paris Jump Hang ジャンプハング Digest.
915 Kawabata 啓之 (40) Doll Managing Jump Hang ジャンプハング Digest.
918 Kuroda Tomoki (19) Freshman at University of Tsukuba Jump Hang ジャンプハング Digest.
920 Yoshida Red (36) T.I.M. Comedian Dāsu Bridge ダースブリッジ
921 Nishihata Saori (18) 24 ?? Godantobi 五段跳び
923 Shimizu Kaoru (29) Jump Hang ジャンプハング Digest.
924 Yamaguchi Mitsuru (28) Headhunter Dāsu Bridge ダースブリッジ Digest.
926 Ishimaru Kenjiro (48) "Through the Window of the World" Narrator Jump Hang ジャンプハング
930 Iijima Toyohisa (26) Action Actor Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太
935 Yusa Masami (29) Lifesaver Jump Hang ジャンプハング
936 Gokū (38) Pub Dancer Jump Hang ジャンプハング
937 Ihara Yūji (26) Kouga Ninja Village Godantobi 五段跳び
940 Nakata Daisuke (29) Trampolinist Clear(02.85 seconds left) First to clear Tarzan Rope. Fastest First Stage clear of the tournament.
941 Mizuno Yūko (20) Basketball Player Jump Hang ジャンプハング
944 Takahashi Kazuhiko (28) Godantobi 五段跳び
945 Takahashi Hiromitsu (37) Ballet Dancer Jump Hang ジャンプハング
951 Tatsukawa Tomihiro (38) Worker Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太
952 Tamura Satoshi (29) Insurance Agency Management Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太
953 Nishimura Miho (21) Girls Campaign Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太
954 Asaoka Hiroyuki (31) Chigasaki Elementary School Teacher Clear (00.26 seconds left)
956 Nakayama Kinnikun (24) Comedian Tarzan Rope ターザンロープ
961 Iketani Naoki (28) Celebrity Clear (02.78 seconds left)
962 Okada Yuuichi (28) Unknown All Cut.
968 Satō Manabu Tarzan Rope ターザンロープ All Cut. Shown in intro.
971 Andō Hiroki (34) TBS Announcer Jump Hang ジャンプハング
972 Saito Tomoyuki (21) Model Rope Climb ロープクライム Digest. Time Out.
974 Hamasaki Takeshi (21) Godantobi 五段跳び Digest.
975 Omura Ōki (34) Actor Jump Hang ジャンプハング Digest.
978 Arai Kenichi (32) Swimming Instructor Clear (00.77 seconds left)
981 Akiyama Kazuhiko (28) Director of National Treatment/Former Crab Fisherman Soritatsu Kabe そり立つ壁 Time Out.
985 Gotō Sono (52) Shin Iso School Assistant Principal Godantobi 五段跳び
986 Inoue Satoru (31) Former Track and Field National Record Holder in 100m and 200m Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太
987 Nagasawa Hidenori Jaguar Mechanic Jump Hang ジャンプハング All Cut.
989 Koike Aoi (24) Japan Body Boarding Champion Jump Hang ジャンプハング
990 Hibari Transvestite Jump Hang ジャンプハング
991 Gervasio Deferr (21) Gold Medalist in Vault at Sydney Olympics Rope Climb ロープクライム Time Out.
993 Sanae Kikuta (31) Pancrase Light Heavyweight Champion Rolling Maruta ローリング丸太
997 Takeda Toshihiro (27) Firefighter Jump Hang ジャンプハング
998 Yamamoto Shingo (28) Gas Station Manager Rope Climb ロープクライム Time Out.
999 Nagano Makoto (30) Miyazaki Fisherman Jump Hang ジャンプハング
1000 Yamada Katsumi (36) Part-time Steelworker Clear (01.77 seconds left)
Total 100 Attempts 5 Clears

Second Stage


SASUKE 10Second Stage

Chain Reaction チェーンリアクション

Brick Climb ブリッククライム

Spider Walk スパイダーウォーク

^Balance Tank バランスタンク

Gyakusō Conveyor 逆走コンベアー

Wall Lifting ウォールリフティング

Time Limit: 85 seconds

^ Denotes New Obstacle


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
940 Nakata Daisuke (29) Trampolinist Clear (08.7 seconds left) First to beat Balance Tank.
954 Asaoka Hiroyuki (31) Chigasaki Elementary School Teacher Clear (13.4 seconds left) Digest. Fastest Second Stage clear of the tournament.
961 Iketani Naoki (28) Celebrity Clear (07.8 seconds left) Digest.
978 Arai Kenichi (33) Swimming Instructor Spider Walk スパイダーウォーク Digest.
1000 Yamada Katsumi (36) Part-time Steelworker Clear (02.33 seconds left)
Total 5 Attempts 4 Clears

Third Stage


SASUKE 10Third Stage

Rumbling Dice ランブリングダイス

Body Prop ボディプロップ

Lamp Grasper ランプグラスパー

Cliffhanger クリフハンガー

Pipe Slider パイプスライダー


Number Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
940 Nakata Daisuke (29) Pro Trampoline Player Lamp Grasper ランプグラスパー 4th lamp.
954 Asaoka Hiroyuki (31) Chigasaki Elementary School Teacher Body Prop ボディプロップ
961 Iketani Naoki (28) Celebrity Cliffhanger クリフハンガー Digest.
1000 Yamada Katsumi (36) Part-time Steelworker Pipe Slider パイプスライダー Failed Jump.
Total 4 Attempts 0 Clears

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