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Ryan Stratis (ライアン ストラティス)is a former member of the Georgia Army National Guard in the United States who is notable for having competed in every season of American Ninja Warrior. He had been trying to get on SASUKE since the original American Ninja Challenge in 2007. His video tape submissions have fallen short many times.

In American Ninja Warrior he beat the Qualifying Course, but he didn't get one of the 30 top times, and failed to move on to the Semi-Finals.

He came back for American Ninja Warrior 2, placing 25th in the preliminary round. However in the Semi Finals, he failed the trampoline jump leading to the Salmon Ladder and did not qualify for boot camp.

Ryan competed in American Ninja Warrior 3 and managed to exact revenge on the Salmon Ladder to win the Semi-Finals. Of the 30 competitors that attempted the semi-final round of American Ninja Warrior 3, Ryan was the only one to clear the stage.

After that he qualified for SASUKE 27. There, he put on a great showing. In the First Stage, he almost fell on the Half Pipe Attack, briefly holding onto the rope with one hand. However, he managed to clear and finished the First Stage with 13.97 seconds left. In the Second Stage, he put on a strong performance and finished with the second fastest time of the Americans, only behind James McGrath. In the Third Stage, he made it to the Ultimate Cliffhanger but failed the transition from the third to fourth ledge.

Fans expected Stratis to repeat his previous performance in American Ninja Warrior 4, but he shocked many when he tripped on the Bungee Bridge and his foot touched the mat below.

In American Ninja Warrior 5 he was on a mission for redemption, and got it on the Danchigaubou, because it was a balance obstacle that disqualified him in the previous tournament. He almost failed the Slider Jump, but once he cleared it, he defeated the Climbing Bars and Ultimate Plank and did an army yell before scaling the Soritatsu Kabe on his first try. In his first visit to the Miami Finals, he defeated all 6 obstacles once again, and the Salmon Ladder, while also conquering the Spider Flip and Inclined Iron Paddler, before flipping onto the mats before the Spider Climb. Then he made it to the top of the tower, hit the button, and earned a 2nd trip to Mt. Midoriyama. In Las Vegas, he shockingly failed the Jumping Spider in the First Stage.

In American Ninja Warrior 6, Ryan competed again in the Miami qualifying, which he cleared once again. In the Miami Finals, he cleared the finals course and placed 3rd place. In stage one at Vegas, he cleared the first 2 obstacles, but almost went out on the new obstacle, the Silk Slider. He cleared the Jumping Spider, where he failed last time, then nearly failed the Half-Pipe Attack, taking 3 attempts to clear. After that, he cleared the rest of the First Stage with 08.66 seconds left. On the Second Stage, Ryan destroyed the first four obstacles. However, on the Metal Spin, Ryan lost his grip on the chain. Although he managed to hold on to it, he held it too low and his foot touched the water.

In American Ninja Warrior 7, Ryan competed in the San Pedro qualifiers for the special military event. On the course, Ryan took a slow, cautious approach to the qualifying course nearly failing on the Log Runner. He recovered though, and completed the rest of the course. On the finals course, Stratis fought and muscled his way through the first nine obstacles with finesse. On the infamous Invisible Ladder, however, Ryan started out hard but instantly lost his grip strength halfway through the obstacle. As a result, Ryan failed but he still earned a spot to the Las Vegas National Finals, as he placed 3rd overall. In the Vegas Finals, Ryan cleared the first stage with ease. On Stage Two, Ryan flew through Rope Jungle. But on the Double Salmon Ladder, he rushed through the obstacle and misjudged the height of the second-to-last rung which caused him to fail.

Prior to American Ninja Warrior 8, Ryan underwent shoulder surgery after years of shoulder pain. Even though he wasn't 100%, he still managed to compete in the Philadelphia qualifying region. On the course, he dominated the first three obstacles. However, on the fourth obstacle, he slightly injured his right shoulder (shoulder that he had surgery on). Fighting through the pain, Stratis annihilated the grueling Rolling Thunder and scaled up the new and improved Warped Wall and finished the qualifying region. In Vegas, he powered through most of Stage 1, but fell on the Flying Squirrel after showing obvious signs of pain in his shoulder.

In American Ninja Warrior 9 he competed at Daytona. In qualifying he was digested but he cleared the course at 9th place with a time of 2:55.19


SASUKE/ANW # Result Notes
27 63 Failed Ultimate Cliffhanger (Third Stage) Transition to fourth ledge.
ANW5 30 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)
ANW6 30 Failed Metal Spin (Second Stage)
ANW7 Failed Double Salmon Ladder (Second Stage) Transition to second-to-last-rung
ANW8 Failed Flying Squirrel (First Stage) Transition to second handle.

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