Ryan "Cloud" Cousins is a freerunner from Chicago, who currently resides in Los Angeles, California. He was a co-founder of Chicago Parkour "Aero". He was also previosuly sponsored by K-Swiss.

He has competed in American Ninja Warrior 1, 2, 3, and 4. He made it to the finals for the first tournament, but finished 12th and did not go onto to Sasuke in Japan. For the second tournament he made it to boot camp but got the boot on Day 1 placing 15th.

At ANW 3, he cleared the preliminary course for the 3rd time straight earning a spot in the Semi-Finals. He then failed to secure a spot in Boot Camp.

In ANW 4, Ryan cleared the qualifier once again, but in the regional finals he slipped on the Burasagari Maruta and placed 30th.

Besides freerunning, he works as a 3D animator, and has been employed in the past by Midway Games and currently works at Nickelodeon. He is also a great Age of Empires II player and a former member of the Snow clan. He didn't compete in ANW 5 and ANW 6, but plans to return back in ANW 7 and Ryan still does parkour and freerunning.

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