The Rumbling Dice (ランブリングダイス) is an obstacle introduced in the Third Stage redesign in SASUKE 9. It is kind of like the Pipe Slider in a form of a box instead of a pipe. The competitor must hang from a metal box and roll it along a track to get to the other side, where there is a landing platform.

While it was more to drain strength for later in the stage, only two competitors have ever failed it: Yamamoto Shingo in SASUKE 9 and Yamaguchi Kosuke in SASUKE 14. In both cases, both competitors made it to the end, but didn't get enough momentum and fell off the landing platform.

Starting in SASUKE 15, the height may have reached on the starting point without jumping, but it left the rail a little slippery, so the idling is noticeable.

It was replaced by the Arm Rings in SASUKE 16. It eventually returned in SASUKE 28 and removed in SASUKE 31 in favour of the introduction of Sidewinder R.


A drawing of the Rumbling Dice

RumblingDice S11

Yamamoto Shingo attempting the Rumbling Dice, SASUKE 11

SASUKE28 Rumbling Dice

SASUKE 28's Rumbling Dice

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
9 3 4 75%
10 4 4 100%
11 7 7 100%
12 10 10 100%
13 5 5 100%
14 9 10 90%
15 6 6 100%
28 3 3 100%
29 4 4 100%
30 9 9 100%
Total 60 62 96.77%

American Ninja Warrior Appearances

JM Rumbling Dice

Joe Moravsky broke the Rumbling Dice during American Ninja Warrior 6's St. Louis finals

The Rumbling Dice has appeared in 3 city finals courses on American Ninja Warrior. It appeared as the eighth obstacle in:

During St. Louis finals, Joe Moravsky became the first ever competitor to "break" the obstacle, pulling one side off the rail. However, he was able to complete it, thanks to the early dismount from the obstacle.

ANW7 Rumbling Dice

American Ninja Warrior 7's Rumbling Dice in Venice Beach

On American Ninja Warrior 7, the obstacle was modified with two dices instead of one. The first one weighed 30 lbs, and after completing the first dice, competitors must make a 4 feet transition to the second dice, which weighed 50 lbs. To avoid further happenings such as happened with Joe Moravsky during St. Louis finals, there were wires attached to the side of each dice, which prevented them to pull the dices off the rail.

Other Appearances


Lật xúc xắc (SASUKE Vietnam's official name for Rumbling Dice) appeared as the third obstacle in Stage 3 on SASUKE Vietnam and SASUKE Vietnam 2. It was replaced by the Pole Grasper and Hang Climb on SASUKE Vietnam 3.

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