The Rope Maze (ロープメイズ) was a signature obstacle for VIKING, appearing at the midway point of the Second Adventure Stage of all three of the Regular VIKING tournaments. It was very grueling on the arms, eliminating over half of its opponents. The competitor would have to navigate a rope through a small track over the top. The rope was anchored at the end of the track, so the rope would get longer as the obstacle progressed, forcing the competitor to climb the rope. No one was able to pass it in VIKING 1 (much as the Salmon Ladder ended SASUKE 19), however it was cleared four times the next tournament. This obstacle replaced the Arm Rings on American Ninja Warrior 5 in Venice Beach finals, after Salmon Ladder.

A similar premise was used for the Pole Maze from SASUKE 18 through SASUKE 21.

ANW5 Rope Maze

American Ninja Warrior 5's Rope Maze in Venice Beach

Competitor's Success Rate

  • All results based on the Fuji TV broadcast and external information found
Regular VIKING Clears Attempts Percentage
1 0 3 0%
2 4 8 50%
3 2 3 66.67%
Total 6 14 42.86%

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