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The Rope Ladder (ロープラダー) has been the final First Stage obstacle in every Shin-SASUKE competition. Directly succeeding the Tarzan Rope, the obstacle is a net bridge that the competitor must climb to reach a platform. The finish buzzer is located at the top of this platform. G4 combines this obstacle with the Tarzan Rope and calls the collective the Final Climb. It appeared for the last time in SASUKE 29, being replaced by the Lumberjack Climb in the following tournament.

This obstacle was also used in KUNOICHI 8, and was the final obstacle of the First Stage, directly after the Ikadawatashi. However, it has another name known as Shomouheki.

This obstacle was also used as the final obstacle in semi-finals round on American Ninja Warrior 1 to American Ninja Warrior 3, and then in every regional finals on American Ninja Warrior 4. However, in all four mentioned American Ninja Warrior above, this obstacle was called "Cargo Climb".

Competitor's Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found.
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
18 6 9 66.68%
19 2 4 50%
20 3 7 42.88%
21 9 11 86.82%
22 6 11 48%
23 16 20 80%
24 12 13 92.4%
25 11 11 100%
26 10 14 76.92%
27 27 28 100%
28 5 6 83.33%
29 21 22 95.45%
Total 128 144 88.20%

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