Robert Ing is an entrepreneur from New York, NY who now resides in San Francisco, CA. He left a valuable position at Google to travel his own path and pursue his passions.

In ANW 5, he failed the Flying Nunchucks in qualifying but was fast enough to make the Top 30. Unfortunately, he failed the Trapeze bars and did not qualify for Vegas.

in ANW 6, he finished the Venice qualifying course in 4:11.96 after several near falls and recoveries on the Slack Ladder. In the finals, he failed Cannonball Alley in 4:11.95 but was fast enough to make it to Vegas. On Stage 1, he failed on the Spin Bridge. He did go farther than most other competitors from Venice.

In ANW 7, he failed the Swinging Spikes in qualifying. He failed the same obstacle again in the Finals and did not make it to Vegas.

Although he intended to compete in ANW 8, he hasn't competed since. It is possible he was not called back due to the purging of many veteran competitors by the ANW producers.

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