TNW Ring of Fire

Team Ninja Warrior 2's Ring of Fire

The Ring of Fire is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the second obstacle on Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness, and then appeared again on Team Ninja Warrior 2.

The concept of this obstacle was similar to the Gliding Ring, where competitors had to slide down a giant ring in an angled track, with the track having two notches as stoppers, where they had to raise the ring to move on.

Due to the obstacle being placed in a side-to-side course, it forced the competitors to quicken their pace to complete the obstacle. Some competitors went over the notches in one go, but others got stuck on the notches, which forced them to raise the ring. Even though its function was simple, it took out 28 competitors on Team Ninja Warrior 2, including Brent Steffensen, Neil Craver, Tremayne Dortch, Jamie Rahn, Lorin Ball, Geoff Britten, Daniel Gil, and Flip Rodriguez (who fell on the obstacle twice), which was due to not holding on to the ring long enough or failing the dismount.

Other Appearances

NWUK3 Ring Slider

Ninja Warrior UK 3's Ring Slider

The Ring of Fire appeared on Ninja Warrior UK 3, as the fifth obstacle during the semi-finals. However, the obstacle was called as the Ring Slider (not to be confused with the Ring Slider from SASUKE). Also, competitors needed to climb up a pole to reach the ring.