ANW8 Ring Jump

American Ninja Warrior 8's Ring Jump in Los Angeles

The Ring Jump is an obstacle, firstly introduced as the fourth obstacle in Los Angeles on American Ninja Warrior 8.

Competitors must move three rings across two slanted tracks, the first slanted up, the second slanted down, but there were pegs of different heights that had to be jumped over. Competitors would have to reach for the first ring, jumped it over a few pegs, and then reached for a second ring, and used those two rings to climb the first track. Then, competitors must transfer to the third ring on the second track, and jump or slide it down over the pegs to reach the landing platform.

During Los Angeles finals, one of the rings was made bigger, making it heavier to jump.

ANW9 Ring Jump

American Ninja Warrior 9's Ring Jump in Cleveland

The Ring Jump returned as the fourth obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 9 in Cleveland. However, the obstacle was heavily modified, with the number of rings was reduced from three to just two (one on each slanted track), the number of pegs was also reduced, the shorter tracks, and a larger gap between the end of the second track to the landing platform. During Cleveland qualifiers, the obstacle eliminated more competitors than during Los Angeles qualifiers on the previous season, as 29 competitors fell on it (including Michelle Warnky, Rachael Goldstein, Amy Pajcic, and Luis Moco). The obstacle was also served as the cut off for the top 5 female competitors to advance to Cleveland finals.

An easier technique was discovered during Cleveland qualifiers (although it was done early by Jessie Graff during American Ninja Warrior 8's Los Angeles finals). Competitors grabbed the first ring, then faced the obstacle backward. This would generate more power to jump the ring across several pegs, and made this obstacle needed less time and energy to complete it. In fact, no competitor failed on this obstacle during Cleveland finals, despite one of the pegs on the second track was removed.

ANW10 Ring Jump

American Ninja Warrior 10's Ring Jump in Minneapolis

On American Ninja Warrior 10, the Ring Jump appeared during Minneapolis qualifiers, with the obstacle was moved a position back to the third obstacle. The obstacle itself was looked the same as during Cleveland qualifiers on the previous season.

Despite that, during Minneapolis qualifiers, the obstacle became more brutal, as 38 competitors fell on it, including Dan Yager, Sarah Schoback, Sara Heesen, Maggi Thorne, and Michael Stanger. The obstacle was once again served as the cut off for the top 5 female competitors to advance to Minneapolis finals.

During Minneapolis finals, the obstacle was replaced with the Sky Hooks, which was used as the fourth obstacle during Los Angeles qualifiers on that season (during Los Angeles finals, the Sky Hooks was replaced with the Flying Shelf Grab). This made the Ring Jump as the only city qualifiers obstacle (along with the Floating Steps) that didn't reappear during city finals round on American Ninja Warrior 10

Other Appearances

NWUK3 Ring Jump

Ninja Warrior UK 3's Ring Jump

-23- Ring Jump

Australian Ninja Warrior's Ring Jump

The Ring Jump appeared as the fourth obstacle during the finals' Stage 1 on Ninja Warrior UK 3 (no competitor failed on this obstacle), as the fifth obstacle in Heat 2 on Ninja Warrior UK 4, and then as the seventh obstacle in Semifinal 1 on Australian Ninja Warrior. All of them had the obstacle similar to the Ring Jump from American Ninja Warrior 8.