Rick Huelga (リック・フェルガ), also known as Ryk Maverick, of Starlingear Jewelry who qualified for SASUKE 23 as the #10 qualifier through American Ninja Warrior, the United States' qualifying competition. In the tournament, he performed well. He made it through the first few obstacles in decent time. However, he slowed down on the Spider Walk portion of the Jumping Spider because his shoes had trouble sticking to the walls. He made it to the Soritatsu Kabe but after several failed attempts, he finally cleared with 20 seconds left. He made it to the Slider Jump with ten seconds left and timed out on top of the net.

Maverick then competed in American Ninja Warrior 2. Where he competed with a herniated C6 and he failed the Cross Bridge.


SASUKE # Result Notes
23 Failed Slider Jump (First Stage) Middle Cut. Time Out

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