Richard King (リチャード・キング) qualified for SASUKE 23 through American Ninja Warrior, the United States' qualifying competiton. During the tournament he was one of three Americans to clear Stage One and one of two to go out on the new Second Stage obstacle, the Unstable Bridge. King was the first to attempt the obstacle.

He returned in SASUKE 25. Despite being sponsored by G4, he represented New Zealand, the lone representative from the Oceania region. In the competition, he drew #79 in the lottery and went out on the Log Grip in Stage One.

He attempted to qualify for SASUKE 26 through American Ninja Warrior 2; however, he lost in the final challenge placing 11th overall. If he were to be in the top ten, this would have earned him a spot in the tournament.

King returned in American Ninja Warrior 4 and performed well through the first four obstacles, but he started slow on the Rope Junction and his grip on the rope got lower and lower, until he slipped off the ropes and failed.


SASUKE # Result Notes
23 42 Failed Unstable Bridge (Second Stage)
25 79 Failed Log Grip (First Stage)