Reko Rivera is a Mobile DJ who has competed on six seasons of American Ninja Warrior. Reko is most known for his run in a T-Rex costume on the Atlanta course.

Rivera first participated in American Ninja Warrior 4, where he fell on the Swing Circle.

Rivera later had returned in American Ninja Warrior 5, where although his run was digested, he was one of the many competitors to fall on the Slider Jump.

In American Ninja Warrior 6, he managed to beat qualifying course, placing 26th in qualifying. However, in the city finals, he was one of the many to trip on the Buyoishi.

In American Ninja Warrior 7, he once again beat qualifying, holding the 16th fastest time. Unfortunately, he was one of the many to fail Cannonball Alley, and just barely missed out on Vegas, placing 16th overall.

Rivera was known by many in American Ninja Warrior 8 as the man running the course within the Atlanta course. His actual run was completely cut from broadcast during qualifying, but Rivera was recognized by many on the internet as the man in the T-Rex costume that passed the Floating Steps, Big Dipper, Block Run, and even scaling the Warped Wall. Unfortunately, Rivera himself once again failed to reach Vegas in the city finals, as he fell on the Salmon Ladder. He placed 17th overall in the finals.

In ANW 9 Reko returned in Daytona. Although his qualifying run was cut, it was shown that he cleared the qualifying course for the fourth consecutive year. Although his run was digested in the city finals, he redeemed himself on the Salmon Ladder, but failed the Giant Cubes. However, Reko managed to place 12th overall and after 5 previous seasons, he managed to earn his first shot in the national finals. But Failed on Snake Run in stage 1.

A T-Rex Dinosaur Crashes The American Ninja Warrior Course - American Ninja Warrior03:14

A T-Rex Dinosaur Crashes The American Ninja Warrior Course - American Ninja Warrior

His run in the T-Rex costume currently has over 200,000 views on YouTube.

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