Rail Runner is a new obstacle on American Ninja Warrior 9 as the fifth obstacle of the Denver Qualifying. Competitors have to hold a pair of handles and slide it to an 11 ft track with different angles, then they must make a 3 ft transition to another pair of handles and must slide again to an 11 ft track also with different angles. With the design of the handles being shaped like an inverted 'U', there are times that the bar can go lopsided on the rail. (can either go to the left or to the right)

This obstacle proved to be brutal as many competitors that did not have the stamina to slide usually were moved back at a downward slope, delaying progress and expanding competitors' energy to hold on. A total of 24 competitors, such as Meagan Martin, Brian Arnold, and Sam Sann, fell on this obstacle, and only 8 competitors completed it, setting a record for the 2nd lowest amount of finishers in an ANW qualifying course and the 2nd lowest amount of finishers in a qualifying obstacle, behind Venice Qualifying and the Hourglass Drop in American Ninja Warrior 7.

Competitors' Success Rate

Season Clears Attempts Percenatge
American Ninja Warrior 9 (qualifying) 8 32 25%

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