Quick Muscle is an event in Kinniku Banzuke where two competitors go head to head to see who can do as many push-ups as possible in three minutes. This challenge has had 5 victories.

Quick Muscle Championship

A 16-man tournament was held and broadcast on Kinniku Banzuke. Competitors included future All-Stars Yamada Katsumi and Akiyama Kazuhiko, as well as Quick Muscle Champion Asano Kohei.

  First Stage Second Stage Semifinal Final
   (31) 267  
   Ito Tadao (24) 276  
   (7) 201
   Ito Tadao (24) 222  
 Ito Tadao 234  
   Ito Tadao (24) 300
   Yamada Katsumi (30) 243
   (24) 239
   Yamada Katsumi (30) 250  
 Yamada Katsumi 250
   Yamada Katsumi (30) 298
   Akiyama Kazuhiko (23) 298^  
 Akiyama Kazuhiko (23) 251+  
   Akiyama Kazuhiko (23) 307
   Asano Kohei (17) 296  
 (23) 250
 Asano Kohei (17) 270  

^ Akiyama committed two penalties during that round, therefore Yamada was chosen to be the winner.

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