The Quad Steps (クワドステップス) is an (considered new in Japan) obstacle that is introduced in SASUKE 32. The obstacle consists of four angled steps, similar to the Godantobi, which was the original incarnation of the Quad Steps, hence the reference. Competitors have to transit 4 angled steps that has a width of 90cm (revealed via a 360Channel trailer for SASUKE 33) which has the same concept of clearing the Godantobi, albeit with the steps being wider. However, this obstacle connects directly to the Rolling Hill, making the transition between these two obstacles harder. A safety mat is placed between the Quad Steps and Rolling Hill to catch people that roll down the hill; however, it is off limits to touch when transitioning between the two obstacles.

Originally, it was an obstacle used from American Ninja Warrior 2 to American Ninja Warrior 4 in qualifying and finals (semi-finals on American Ninja Warrior 2 and 3), and took out a lot of competitors, including Shane Daniels and Levi Meeuwenberg. On American Ninja Warrior 5, it was replaced by the Quintuple Steps in every region. Later, it was replaced by the Floating Steps on American Ninja Warrior 8. It was also used as the first obstacle in the finals' Stage 1 of Ninja Warrior UK 3, and it was called the Quadruple Steps.

Note: The word 'Quad' translated into Japanese katakana can be クアド (kuado) or クワド(kuwado), but since the official term for 'Quad' is クワド(kuwado) in SASUKE, it will be used as it is then.

Quad Steps

Quad Steps from ANW3.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
32 55 100 55%
33 61 100 61%
Total 116 200 58%

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