27 December, 2012 – TBS set to broadcast SASUKE RISING tonight!

After months of anticipation for the new "revival" of SASUKE, TBS will air the first SASUKE competition following the bankruptcy and liquidation of former production company Monster9. This competition will be noted as the last competition for the All-Stars.

27 September, 2012 – TBS announces SASUKE RISING, the 28th SASUKE competition

After production company Monster9's bankruptcy and liquidation of assets, TBS picked up all rights to SASUKE. 8 months later, a new competition has been announced. The new competition will be the end of the All-Stars era, and mark the beginning of a new era of SASUKE. The competition will air on December 27, 2012.

24 April, 2010 – American Ninja Warrior 3 to be held May 16 & 17

G4 announced on the Ninja Warrior Facebook page as well as on Attack of the Show that American Ninja Warrior 3 tryouts will be held May 16 & 17 at Windward Plaza in Venice Beach, California. With the future of SASUKE uncertain, G4 has not officially announced that the winners will participate in SASUKE but rather have promised a trip to Japan and participation on "a bona fide Ninja Warrior course".

13 December, 2010 – The air date of SASUKE 26 announced!

SASUKE official site announced that SASUKE 26 will be aired on 2 January, 2011.

14 July, 2010 – The American Ninja Challenge to be hosted by G4 will return for American Ninja Warrior 2.

Trials will be held in Windward Plaza at Venice Beach, California on August 7 and 8.

28 May, 2010 – Taiwanese Trials to be hosted by Golden Sun TV

For the first time since it's debut in SASUKE 17 Taiwanese Trials are going to be held. Golden Sun TV is accepting applications already!

17 May, 2010 – Ninja Warrior updated their Facebook page.

Ninja Warrior updated their Facebook, stating that they will soon announce ANW2's details, as well as unofficially announcing Sasuke 25's airing.

7 May, 2010 – American Ninja Warrior 2 Tryout Info

David Campbell was able to find out on Ninja Warrior's Facebook page, that the tryouts will NOT be held in June or July, but has now been pushed to within the first two weeks of August. The reasoning is, possibly due to a new, better tryout location.

10 April, 2010 – G4 announced ANW2 entry videos.

G4 officially announces acceptance of ANW2 entry videos. Entries will be accepted from 4/10/10 until 6/30/10. Submit entries here.

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