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Akiyama Kazuhiko (秋山 和彦) is a SASUKE All-Star who became the first man to achieve Kanzenseiha, doing so in SASUKE 4. He has not been able to repeat his success however, due in part to an eye condition known as degenerative rectinosis that has plagued him for years.His eye condition also forced him to retire from crab trapping, and he is now a sports massage therapist. He has also been a soldier in Japan's Self Defence Force, and a Greco-Roman Wrestler. His victory in SASUKE 4 was his only trip to the Final Stage.

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18 March, 2013 – SASUKE 29 Officially announced by TBS

The 29th competition is scheduled for Summer 2013 and will be the Japanese qualifier in the SASUKE ASEAN Open Cup.

3 February, 2013 – American Ninja Warrior 5 Applications Open

Regional preliminaries in April & May. Finals are a week long in June, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Present Final Stage tower from SASUKE 25.

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