The Philadelphia Qualifying Round episode of American Ninja Warrior aired on June 27, 2016 at 9/8c. This is the fifth and final week of the qualifying rounds. It was also the fifth episode of American Ninja Warrior 8 and took place at Richmond Power Plant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The episode was hosted by Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila. Kristine Leahy co-hosted as the sideline reporter. This episode included competitors like veterans Joe Moravsky, Geoff Britten, Jamie Rahn, Mike Bernardo, Chris Wilczewski and Michelle Warnky. This episode also included Jon Alexis Jr., Abel Gonzalez (who failed to make it to the city finals), Miles Avery (at age 57, the oldest competitor ever to make it to the city finals) and John Loobey (who was one of the oldest competitors ever to complete the first two obstacles).

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1. Floating Steps

2. Log Grip

3. Paddle Boards

4. Wall Drop

5. Rolling Thunder

6. Warped Wall


The Philadelphia Qualifying Round concluded with only 9 finishers, the second lowest qualifying finishers in ANW history, behind American Ninja Warrior 7's 2015 Venice Beach Qualifiers. High school track coach and ANW rookie Anthony DeFranco surprised everyone by earning the "POM Wonderful Run of the Night" with the fastest time (1:44.37). Michelle Warnky, Jesse Labreck, Rachael Goldstein and Allyssa Beird, who finished 17th, 28th, 29th and 30th respectively, all moved on to the city finals. This is the first time four women made it to the city finals in ANW history. Other finishers include Jon Alexis Jr., Joe Moravsky, Jamie Rahn, Geoff Britten (who made ANW history for hitting 7 consecutive buzzers) and Ryan Stratis.

Shocking falls include Mike Bernardo, Abel Gonzalez, Chris Wilczewski and Michelle Warnky. However, three of them (Mike Bernardo, Chris Wilczewski and Michelle Warnky) still made it to the city finals.