Paul Darnell (ポール・ダーネル) qualified for SASUKE 23 as the #4 qualifier through American Ninja Warrior, the United States' qualifying competition. When dismounting the Half-Pipe Attack, he landed wrong on the landing platform, spraining his right foot, while his left foot tapped the water.

He then competed in American Ninja Warrior 2 and failed the Cross Bridge in the qualifying round.

He competed in American Ninja Warrior 4, and made it to the Second Stage, but failed on the Unstable Bridge at the end of the first plank.

In American Ninja Warrior 5 he failed the Chain See-Saw, but was enough to place 20th in Venice Qualifying. In the Venice Finals, he was one of the 2 married men who made it past the Venice Qualifying Round, but his quest for 'Third Time`s the Charm ended on the Salmon Ladder. 


SASUKE # Result Notes
23 43 Failed Half-Pipe Attack (First Stage) All Cut.
ANW4 Failed Unstable Bridge (Second Stage) First plank.

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