The Passing Wall (パッシングウォール) is the new final obstacle in the Second Stage as of SASUKE RISING, replacing the long standing Wall Lifting, which appeared in every tournament (since SASUKE 18). The Passing Wall functions similar to the Wall Lifting in that the first and third walls must be lifted to advance, the only difference being the second wall must now be pulled apart to advance through it. The first wall is 30kg (66 lbs) and has just two small handholds with the entire middle section blocked off. This caused a lot of havoc amongst some competitors, as it prevented them from ducking under the wall and also should the wall fall on them, it is seemingly difficult to break free. Although the weight of the second wall was not revealed on-screen, in SASUKE 29 the announcer claimed it was 40kg (88 lbs), i.e. just like Wall Lifting's second wall. The third wall was 50kg (110 lbs) just like Wall Lifting. The obstacle came after the Backstream, which caused the competitors to have trouble lifting the walls due to wet hands.

In SASUKE 28, Matachi Ryo made a mental mistake by going under the first wall too soon, therefore getting stuck under the wall, making him the only competitor to fail this obstacle in that tournament. The other 3 finalists, Asa KazumaUrushihara Yuuji, and Kanno Hitoshi all showed signs of struggling, but managed to overcome it.

In SASUKE 29, two competitors, Lee En-Chih and Nagasaki Shunsuke timed out on this obstacle, while Morimoto Yūsuke seemingly only cleared because he slipped under the last wall's gap without lifting it, albeit was allowed to advance. As he cleared with less than a second remaining, he would have failed this obstacle if he had tried to advance by lifting the last wall.

For SASUKE 30, the second wall was changed in that it had to be lifted in order to advance, thus returning the Wall Lifting, albeit with the first wall retaining its handholds.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
28 3 4 75%
29 4 6 66.67%
Total 7 10 70%

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