Paddle Boards

American Ninja Warrior 7's Paddle Boards in Orlando

The Paddle Boards is an obstacle, that appeared as the:

It consisted of six paddles (3 on each side), supported by a center axis. Competitors must maintain their balance while running across the paddles. Also, competitors were not allowed for touching or stepping the center axis, or they will be disqualified if they do it.

During American Ninja Warrior 8 in Philadelphia, the obstacle was modified by making the axle wider.

Then, on American Ninja Warrior 9 in Denver, the obstacle was modified by adding a barricade on top and two more paddles (for a total of eight paddles, 4 on each side).

The Paddle Boards also made an appearance in the finals of Ninja Warrior UK 2, as the third obstacle in Stage 1. However, this obstacle unexpectedly proved to be much brutal than on American Ninja Warrior, eliminating 9 out of 14 competitors who attempted it, including top competitors such as Tim Champion and Teige Matthews Palmer.

Although most simply fell from the rotating paddles, several were disqualified for stepping in the center axis (e.g. Tim Champion).

After the tournament, several of the obstacle's victims attributed their fails to a wave of "paddle-panic" sweeping backstage, as the remaining competitors were forced to watch their fellow competitors fail in huge numbers.

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