Owen "The Stuff" Mckenzie is a competitor in Ninja Warrior UK, who competed in the second tournament of the show. Despite his status as a newcomer, he managed to achieve the title of Last Man Standing, making it further than any other competitor in the finals.

Ninja Warrior UK II

In his first appearance in a ninja competition, Ninja Warrior UK II, Mckenzie started strong, coming 1st in heat 1 with a time of 00:53, faster than even the returning Last Man Standing: Tim "Livewire" Sheiff.

In the semi-finals he returned with a bang, once again conquering the course and placing 3rd overall, again beating other top-contenders such as Tim Sheiff, Tim Champion and Ruel Dacosta.

In the finals his true potential was made clear, with him being one of only three competitors to clear Stage One, conquering difficult obstacles such as the Invisible Ladder, Spin Bridge and Paddle Boards. In the Second Stage he met his end, but only after becoming the only competitor in series 2 to fully conquer the Salmon Ladder, touching the Unstable Bridge before falling into the water below, and cementing his status as Last Man Standing.

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