The Oklahoma City Finals episode of American Ninja Warrior aired on August 1, 2016. This is the ninth episode of American Ninja Warrior 8. This was the fourth week of the city finals. This was also the last episode before the two-week hiatus for the 2016 Summer Olympics. The episode took place at Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The episode was hosted by Matt Iseman and Akbar-Gbaja Biamila. Kristine Leahy co-hosted as the sideline reporter. This episode included competitors like Daniel Gil, Tremayne Dortch, Thomas Stillings, David Campbell, Brent Steffensen and Jon Stewart.


1. Floating Steps

2. Ring Swing

3. Log Runner

4. Tire Swing

5. Bar Hop

6. Warped Wall

7. Salmon Ladder

8. Bungee Road

9. Window Hang

10. Invisible Ladder


The Oklahoma City Finals concluded with 2 finishers, tying American Ninja Warrior 7's Houston, Orlando and Pittsburgh Finals and American Ninja Warrior 6's Venice Beach Finals. It was also so far the second lowest finishers after the Los Angeles City Finals concluded with only one finisher. Bank manager and stroke survivor Grant Clinton earned the "POM Wonderful Run of the Night" with a time of 5:57.43, coming in second place. The fastest time of the night was Daniel Gil, who finished the course with 5:14.27. Also, 54-year-old construction manager Jon Stewart failed on the ninth obstacle, but still moved on to the Las Vegas finals, ending up in 5th place as one of the oldest competitors to make it to the National Finals. 

The new obstacle, the Window Hang knocked out 5 competitors including Jon Stewart and Karsten Williams.

Shocking falls include Tremayne Dortch (who was in 16th place), David Campbell, Kyle Mendoza, Geoff Lancaster, Brent Steffensen (Failed the Bungee Road but still made it) and Andrew Lowes (Who also still made it).

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