Okitani Mitsuhiro (沖谷 光博) first tried to compete in SASUKE 13 through the SASUKE Trials, but he failed the Jump Hang.

He was first able to compete in in SASUKE 19. His short attempt was memorable, as he could not remove his radiologist's pants before starting the course. He spent ten seconds trying to remove them and finally just started his run with them still around his ankles. He didn't reach the first step of the Rokudantobi. A camera operator fell in the water, as well.

He was invited back the next time, and made it to the Log Grip.


SASUKE # Result Notes
19 48 Failed Rokudantobi (First Stage)

Couldn't get his pants off and couldn't jump from step to step.

20 1950 Failed Log Grip (First Stage)

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