Okamoto Sayaka is the protoge of SASUKE All-Star Yamamoto Shingo.

She first competed in KUNOICHI 6 and she beat the First Stage easily. In the Second Stage she went through most of the obstacles, only to slip at the Mariminachi's third beam and fall forward into the water.

In KUNOICHI 7 she made her second appearence and while she crossed the Lilypads easily, she slipped on the Danchigaubou and failed.

In KUNOICHI 8 she was digested in the First Stage. However, she is shown to have captured the red flag and becoming one of 35 women to go to the Second Stage. In the competition she was the first to clear the Enchu Nori, then on the Mariminachi she once again made it to the third beam, but she lost her balance when she reached the other side and failed there again.


KUNOICHI # Result Notes
6 Failed Mariminachi (Second Stage) 3rd Beam. Digest.
7 Failed Danchigaubou (First Stage)
8 Failed Mariminachi (Second Stage) 3rd Beam.

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