The Odyssey (オデッセイ) was the first obstacle in the First Marine Stageof the three regular VIKING tournaments and Celebrity VIKING. It was composed of a giant compass 5.4 meters in diameter with a round base, meaning the compass could tilt to one side if a competitor was too slow or heavy. In order to keep from staying tilted on one side, ropes were added on the bottom of the compass platform to keep the obstacle stable. This obstacle was relatively easy, although many failures came from staying on one side for too long, or botching the landing because the side facing the other platform was either raised too high or too low which misguided competitors when to jump off.

Competitors' Success Rate

All results based on the Fuji TV broadcast and external information found

VIKING Clears Attempts Percentage
1 53 57 92.98%
2 %
3 59 63 93.65%
Total %

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