Number 100 (or #100) is usually given to the competitor the producers think has the best chance to achieve Kanzenseiha, yet #100 has never done it (Nagano Makoto was the closest, coming up 0.11s late in SASUKE 12).

In the 10th, 20th and 30th anniversary competitions, the number given was 1000, 2000 and 3000, respectively.

In SASUKE 18, due to Nagano Makoto's Kanzenseiha, all the competitor were treated as rookies, and a 1200m race was held with the winner getting to choose their number first, however Kato Masafumi chose #77, allowing Kume Ryouta to pick #100.

Number 100 has been worn 15 times by Nagano Makoto, 7 times by Yamada Katsumi, 4 times by Morimoto Yūsuke, 3 times by Akiyama Kazuhiko, twice by Urushihara Yuuji, and once by 5 others, Kawashima Hiroshi, Omori Akira, Kume Ayouta, and Matachi Ryo.

Number 100 has never achieved Kanzenseiha, failing the Final Stage 5 times, the Third Stage 8 times, the Second Stage 7 times, and the First Stage 15 times. Number 100 has been eliminated by time out 14 times, and by falling 21 times.

Competition Competitor Result Notes
SASUKE 1 Kawashima Hiroshi Failed Burasagari Maruta. First Stage
SASUKE 2 Akiyama Kazuhiko Timed out on Wall Lifting Run. Second Stage
SASUKE 3 Omori Akira Timed out Tsuna Nobori (About 8m up). Final Stage
SASUKE 4 Yamada Katsumi Failed Cliffhanger. Third Stage
SASUKE 5 Yamada Katsumi Failed Spider Walk. Second Stage First to wear #100 Twice
SASUKE 6 Akiyama Kazuhiko Failed Jump Hang. First Stage Given #100 because of his SASUKE 4 Kanzenseiha
SASUKE 7 Yamada Katsumi Timed out on Rope Climb. First Stage
SASUKE 8 Yamada Katsumi Timed out on Soritatsu Kabe. First Stage Cleared Soritatsu Kabe and Rope Climb after defeat.
SASUKE 9 Akiyama


Failed Godantobi when his foot skimmed the water. First Stage Worst result for #100
SASUKE 10 Yamada Katsumi Failed Pipe Slider. Third Stage Failed jump to platform. Actually wore #1000
SASUKE 11 Yamada Katsumi Failed Balance Tank. Second Stage
SASUKE 12 Nagano Makoto Timed out Tsuna Nobori (0.11s late). Final Stage Nagano was close to pressing the final button and had reached for it with his right hand. However, the rope swung back before he could do so, and he timed out.
SASUKE 13 Nagano Makoto Timed out Tsuna Nobori (10cm away). Final Stage
SASUKE 14 Nagano Makoto Failed Jumping Bars. Third Stage Fell on third bar. First tournament the final obstacle(s) of the 3rd Stage were not reached.
SASUKE 15 Nagano Makoto Failed Metal Spin. Second Stage Only person to fail Second Stage in this tournament.
SASUKE 16 Nagano Makoto Failed Devil Balanço Third Stage Knocked the Pipe Slider bar away and out of reach.
SASUKE 17 Yamada Katsumi Timed out Soritatsu Kabe. First Stage Was atop the obstacle when time expired.
SASUKE 18 Kume Ryouta Failed Pole Maze. First Stage Came second in 1200m race to choose number.
SASUKE 19 Nagano Makoto Failed Flying Chute. First Stage
SASUKE 20 Nagano Makoto Failed Downhill Jump. Second Stage Actually wore #2000
SASUKE 21 Nagano Makoto Failed Gliding Ring. Third Stage A flaw in the design caused him to have to force the ring down the track.
SASUKE 22 Nagano Makoto Failed Slider Jump. First Stage
SASUKE 23 Nagano Makoto Timed out G-Rope (0.21s late). Final Stage Final Stage time limit had been reduced from 45 to 40 seconds
SASUKE 24 Nagano Makoto Failed Jumping Spider. First Stage Made it to the end of the obstacle but slipped and fell into the water.
SASUKE 25 Urushihara Yuuji Failed Double Salmon Ladder. Second Stage Course Out. His foot skimmed the water. Given #100 for his SASUKE 24 Kanzenseiha.
SASUKE 26 Urushihara Yuuji Failed Half-Pipe Attack. First Stage
SASUKE 27 Nagano Makoto Failed Ultimate Cliffhanger. Third Stage Transition from the 4th to 5th ledge.
SASUKE 28 Nagano Makoto Timed out Ni Ren Soritatsu Kabe. First Stage Time Out on Second Wall.
SASUKE 29 Nagano Makoto Timed out Ni Ren Soritatsu Kabe. First Stage Time Out on Second Wall. Injured right hamstring on Long Jump.
SASUKE 30 Morimoto Yūsuke Timed out Wall Lifting. Second Stage Timed out on third wall. Actually wore #3000
SASUKE 31 Matachi Ryo Timed out Soritatsu Kabe. First Stage
SASUKE 32 Nagano Makoto Timed out Lumberjack Climb. First Stage Nagano Makoto was given #100 for his final competition. Was atop the obstacle when time expired
SASUKE 33 Morimoto Yūsuke Failed Flying Bar. Third Stage Misjudged the distance of transition from first to second rung.
SASUKE 34 Morimoto Yūsuke Failed Vertical Limit Kai, Third Stage
SASUKE 35 Morimoto Yūsuke Timed out Tsuna Nobori, Final Stage (About 20m up) First competitor to attempt the redesigned Final Stage. First to clear the Third Stage after his own Kanzenseiha.