On Wipeout, the two Johns commonly refer to contestants by nicknames given to them. Examples:

  1. Jazzhands
  2. Go Go Dancer
  3. Police Academy Grad
  4. Mouth of the South
  5. Sheriff
  6. Candy Man
  7. Be the Ball
  8. Ladies' Man
  9. Neon Blonde
  10. Don't Call Me a Cougar
  11. Genius
  12. Crazy Fingers
  13. Teenage Ninja
  14. Never Been Kissed
  15. Ridiculously Good-Looking
  16. Law School Wannabe
  17. The Pole Murderer
  18. Jersey Girl
  19. Fit Model
  20. Fitness Fanatic
  21. Silver Fox
  22. Warrior
  23. Mama's Boy
  24. Muddy Beard
  25. Soccer Mom
  26. The Terminator
  27. Jock
  28. One Word Model
  29. Chinese Acrobat
  30. Nerd Gamer
  31. Ball-Loving Weirdo
  32. Crunch Time
  33. Tiny

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