Nicholas Coolridge is a construction worker that first competed in American Ninja Warrior 7 as a rookie. He is known for living inside his van, eating food from dumpsters, and training with Travis Brewer.

In Venice qualifying, he had been one of the 7 competitors to survive the Hourglass Drop and complete the course. Coolridge then completed the rest of the course in 1:29.49, which placed him 3rd in qualifying. He later became the only finisher in the Venice finals, which also included strong competitors like David Campbell and Kevin Bull. In Vegas, he surprised everybody when he went out on the Jumping Spider.

American Ninja Warrior 8

He later returned for American Ninja Warrior 8 in the Los Angeles Qualifying Round at Universal Studios. He completed and dominated through the course in 2:33.37, placing 5th in qualifying. In the city finals, Coolridge manuevered through the first half of the course at a relatively quick pace. He was anticipated by many to finish the qualifying course again, but was one of many to fail the eighth obstacle, The Wedge. At his pace, he placed 5th overall; the same place he had in qualifying. His run on Stage 1 was digested but it was shown that he finished the course with 8.34 seconds left and he even celebrated by doing a handstand. His run on stage 2 was also digested but it was shown that he failed the third obstacle, the Wave Runner.

American Ninja Warrior 9

Nicholas Coolridge ANW All-Star Special 2017

In American Ninja Warrior 9, Coolridge competed in San Antonio, Texas, making it the first year he didn't compete in California, where he lives. He placed the 6th fastest time in qualifying, and made it all the way to the Elevator Climb before gassing out. He still placed 3rd overall and made his third straight trip to the national finals. His run on Stage 1 was digested but it was shown hat he finished the course with 36.82 seconds remaining, His run on Stage 2 was also digested but it was shown that he failed the Criss-Cross Salmon Ladder.

150713 2880524 Nicholas Coolridge at 2015 Venice Finals

Nicholas about to scale the Invisible Ladder.


ANW # Result Notes
7 2 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)
8 Failed Wave Runner (Second Stage) Both runs digested


  • Ironically, in every finals course Coolridge has competed on, there has been exactly one finisher each time, with him being the only finisher in ANW 7.

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