Natalie Duran is a professional rock climber and clinical researcher from Los Angeles, California.

American Ninja Warrior Season 5

She was a rookie in American Ninja Warrior Season 5 Venice Qualifiers with an unfortunate fall early on the Frame Slider.

Team Ninja Warrior

After a long three year hiatus, Natalie made another debut on Team Ninja Warrior Season 1 Episode 2 with captian Neil Craver and Grant McCartney

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Team Golden Hearts - Team Ninja Warrior Season 1 Episode 2

for Team Golden Hearts. Her first run was a quick win and point for her team, against Norcal Ninja's Rachel Mulvaney when Rachel fell on the cargo net. For round 2 Natalie again won a point for her team on the bungee cords obstacle when Towers of Power's Selena Laniel fell during the transfer from the bungee to the tilted barrel.

American Ninja Warrior Season 8

Natalie Duran made it all the way to the wall where she failed although she was still able to make it to the city finals as she placed 19. In the city finals she made an early exit on the 2nd obstacle as for she did not make the top 15 . But she will compete as a wildcard in Vegas. She failed the Propeller Bar after bouncing too forward and completely missing the propeller.

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