Nakanishi Momoe competed in Kunoichi 3. In Stage One, She completed the Buyoishi at 77.8 seconds, the Fuchawatari at 70.2 seconds, the Shouheki Koshi at 65.2 seconds, the Enchu Nori at 54.9 seconds, the Fuandou at 49 seconds, the Haso Tobi at 42.2 seconds, the Samenso at 36.8 seconds, and completed Stage One with 13.2 seconds. In Stage Two, she landed the Daichoyaku at 36.9 seconds. She scaled the Chou Touban at 26.8 seconds. Nakanishi ran past the Kaiten Tsutsu at 19.1 seconds. She completed stage two with 9.8 seconds left. In Stage Three, She failed four dominos into the Domino Hill.

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