The American version of SASUKE located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It an almost exact replica of the course in Japan, consisting of four stages.

It made it's inaugural debut during American Ninja Warrior 4. 100 athletes from 6 different regions of the U.S. competed to challenge Mt. Midoriyama, but each person failed to conquer all 4 stages.

In American Ninja Warrior 5 and American Ninja Warrior 6, no American even made it out of Stage 3. Brian Arnold has gotten the furthest of all the Americans in Season 5.

In American Ninja Warrior 7, Isaac Caldiero became the first American to complete Stage 3 in national competition and advance to Stage 4. He was followed by Geoff Britten who barely became only the second American to complete Stage 3 and advance to Stage 4. Later, in a shocking result, both men achieved Total Victory, with Geoff becoming the first American Ninja Warrior with Issac becoming the second, only to take home the grand prize due to being faster than former. This is the second time two total victories were achieved in the same tournament (the first being KUNOICHI 8 with Kadoi Satomi and Komiya Rie both achieved kanzenseiha).

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