Mr. Sasuke was a title given to only two competitors ever known. The first was Yamada Katsumi who earned this title in SASUKE 6, followed by Nagano Makoto in SASUKE 23.

Until SASUKE 12, Yamada failed the First Stage only twice, in SASUKE 7 and SASUKE 8. He missed SASUKE 13, and from SASUKE 14, he faced a string of First Stage failures.

When Yamada failed the First Stage for the 10th consecutive time in SASUKE 23, it was stated that if Nagano would clear the First Stage, the title of Mr. Sasuke would pass on to him. However, Nagano failed the Slider Jump for the second consecutive time. But then, Nagano stated that the rope holding the bar came to a sudden stop, preventing the bar from sliding the last several feet (see Nagano Makoto's Slider Jump Attempt). Nagano was granted a second chance, and he cleared the First Stage with 15.79 seconds, earning the title of Mr. Sasuke.

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