The Monster Box is an event that has made an appearance in every Sportsman competition to date, with the Pro Sportsman No. 1 2010 competition being entirely a monster box special. The event itself is a cross between the Olympic style high jump and vault competitions, where competitors must run down a runway onto a springboard and vault over a wooden pyramid shaped box (the monster box) that increases in height after all competitors have attempted the current height. Competitors unable to complete a given height, are eliminated. The current world record of 24 levels (3m 16cm) is held by Oyama Hirokazu. Other world record holders include Yeo Hong-Chul, Morgan Hamm, Iketani Naoki, and Mizutori Hisashi.All Sportsman had it but it seemed as if it kept getting harder every time. Especially when they adding levels making it higher and higher. It was hard to many SASUKE All-Stars including Yamamoto Shingo and Nagano Makoto, but some SASUKE All-Stars were world record holders including Iketani Naoki and Morgan Hamm made world records.

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