Miyagi Takuya (宮城 拓也) is a furniture mover who was the fastest qualifier in the SASUKE 21 Trials. Before the trials, Miyagi trained with Yamada Katsumi at his house. He is shown to have practiced obstacles such as the Rumbling Dice, Soritatsu Kabe, and the Jumping Bars. The training paid off, and in the trials, he cleared the "Final Stage" in 44.98 seconds, a second and a half faster than anyone else.

During the tournament, he showed great speed, clearing the first three obstacles quickly. However, on the Jumping Spider, he mis-hit the trampoline and did not get enough height. His right foot missed the walls and he fell into the water.

He participated in the SASUKE 22 Trials, but did not make it past the third round, as he failed to clear 37.5m of balance beams in 15 seconds.


SASUKE # Result Notes
21 48 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)

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