Miura Eiichi (三浦 英一) is a construction worker who competed in the first nine SASUKE tournaments. He had good success early on, but went out in the First Stage his last five times in succession.

First Competitions

In SASUKE 1 he managed to clear the 1st Stage easily, with over 10 seconds left. However, in the 2nd Stage he lost his balance near the end of the Goren Hammer and fell there. he cleared the five hammers but lost balance.

He returned for SASUKE 2 wearing #30. He performed well, clearing the 1st and 2nd Stages with ease. He reached until the very end of the 3rd Stage, only to suffer a defeat on the Pipe Slider. he touch down the mat but lost balance.

After his performance on the 2nd Competition, he was expected to perform well, but he shocked everyone when he failed in the first obstacle in the 1st Stage, the Maruta Nobori in SASUKE 3.

He returned for SASUKE 4 where again he reached all the way to the 3rd Stage, but once again he failed to land safely on the mat after the Pipe Slider. When he tried to swing to the mat, he lost his grip when the pipe slided back.

First Stage Failures

For the next 5 competitions he struggled on the 1st Stage. In SASUKE 5 he failed the Jump Hang, an obstacle he managed to beat in SASUKE 7, only to time out in Soritatsu Kabe. In his last competitions, he had another 3 failures in Jump Hang, with 2 of them being consecutive (SASUKE 8 and SASUKE 9). The other one was at SASUKE 6.


SASUKE # Result Notes
1 40 Failed Goren Hammer (Second Stage) He got past all five hammers, but lost his balance at the end and fell off the course.
2 30 Failed Pipe Slider (Third Stage) Touched down on the mat but fell backwards into the water and failed the obstacle.
3 83 Failed Maruta Nobori (First Stage)
4 40 Failed Pipe Slider (Third Stage) lost grip at the end when the pipe slided back.
5 42 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
6 84 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage)
7 58 Failed Soritatsu Kabe (First Stage) Time Out, Digest.
8 24 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage) All Cut.
9 28 Failed Jump Hang (First Stage) Digest.

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