Misaki Yoshihisa (三崎 義久) is a Junior High School Teacher in Mie Prefecture and also runs a SASUKE Junior training program.

He has competed in most of Shin-SASUKE tournaments. However, three of his appearances have been all cut. His only full run shown was in SASUKE 19. There, he showed good speed, even doing a front flip before the Log Grip. However, on the Jumping Spider, he mis-hit the trampoline and did not get his hands high enough on the walls and front flipped into the water.


SASUKE # Result Notes
17 48 Failed Circle Slider (First Stage) All Cut
18 85 Failed ?? (First Stage) All Cut
19 55 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)
20 1925 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage) All Cut
21 23 Failed Log Grip (First Stage) Digest

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