Grace Buchele Mineta (峯田 グレイス) is a Texas-born expatriate manga artist, writer, and youtube producer living in the greater Tokyo area. She is the author of "My Japanese Husband Thinks I'm Crazy", "My Japanese Husband (Still) Thinks I'm Crazy", and "Confessions of a Texan In Tokyo". Together with her husband, Mineta Ryosuke, she produces and stars on the "Texan in Tokyo" youtube channel. She competed in SASUKE 32, wearing #58 and her run was all cut. With screenshots of a video of her run, uploaded by Grace herself, (Not allowed to upload the video itself), it is shown that Grace gets one leg on the dismount attempting Orugōru while attempting to jump forward but ultimately slips into the water. Her husband Mineta Ryosuke was at the starting line during the run and just before the run.