TBS Midoriyama Studio City

Entrance to the TBS' Midoriyama Studio City

Midoriyama (also known as Midoriyama Studio City) is a TBS-owned studio, and also the chosen location for 33 out of the 34 competitions of SASUKE and eight out of the ten competitions of KUNOICHI (since SASUKE 1, KUNOICHI 9 and KUNOICHI 10 were held indoors) Despite the meaning of its name, which is "Green Mountain", Midoriyama is not a mountain. Midoriyama is also often incorrectly referred to as "Mount Midoriyama", which would translate into "Mount Green Mountain."

The term "Mount Midoriyama" has been used in most of the SASUKE/Ninja Warrior international format. On American Ninja Warrior, Mount Midoriyama is a term for the complete four-stages obstacle courses (also known as Las Vegas' National Finals, starting on American Ninja Warrior 4), although sometimes refers to the Stage Four tower. American Ninja Warrior competitors, who advanced to the Las Vegas' National Finals (or Japan's SASUKE during American Ninja Challenge era and the first three seasons of American Ninja Warrior), are known as the "Mount Midoriyama Veteran". On Ninja Warrior UK, Australian Ninja Warrior, and most of the other SASUKE/Ninja Warrior international format, Mount Midoriyama is a term for the SASUKE's Final Stage Tower. 

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