Michael Torres is a Carpenter from Minotola, New Jersey. Michael had first competed on American Ninja Warrior 8 at the eligible age of 21, just barely meeting the age requirements before competing on the course.

Michael first competed as a rookie in Philadelphia in American Ninja Warrior 8. His run in qualifying was cut, but he was only 1 of 9 competitors that cleared the qualifying course, in which he finished with the 4th fastest time. In the city finals, Michael breezed through the first eight obstacles, but eventually was one of many to fall on the Stair Hopper. Torres had placed 7th overall in the top 15 and moved onto Vegas, where Michael finished at the very skin of his teeth, finishing Stage 1 with a mere 00:00.08 seconds left. With Torres having the slowest time out of all stage 1 finishers, he was the first competitor that took on stage 2, and failed the first obstacle, the Giant Ring Swing.

Michael returned to compete in Cleveland in American Ninja Warrior 9. his run in qualifying was digested but it was shown that he cleared the course with the 8th fastest time. His run in the city finals was also digested, but it was shown that he was one of many to fall on the Nail Clipper, placing 6th. Torres made his second trip to Vegas, where he went at a more quicker pace than the previous year. However, he got careless and his feet slipped on the Jumping Spider, ending his season.

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