The Metal Spin (メタルスピン) was an obstacle in the Second Stage that replaced the Gyakusō Conveyor in SASUKE 14.

It consisted of an array of chains dangle from a horizontal wheel that freely spins, resembling a chandelier, over a water.

The competitor must jump to grasp one of the chains, spinning the wheel to the other side. Starting in SASUKE 15, the chains were given bungee cords, causing the chains to stretch and requiring competitors to have a strong grip to prevent the chain from slipping out of their hands.

It was the only Second Stage obstacle to be retained after Nagano Makoto's kanzenseiha. However, it was modified with a longer run-up, but the actual obstacle was also further from the platform than the previous versions.

This obstacle was proven to be one of the toughest obstacles in the Second Stage. In SASUKE 16 alone, it took out almost half of the people. In SASUKE 27 (its last tournament), it took out 6 out of 16 competitors who attempted it (including 3 American competitors: Travis Rosen, Travis Furlanic, and Brent Steffensen).

From SASUKE 28 onward, this obstacle was taken out in favor of the Backstream.


Shin-SASUKE version of the Metal Spin, SASUKE 22

American Ninja Warrior Appearances

ANW4 Metal Spin

American Ninja Warrior 4's Metal Spin in Stage Two

ANW6 Metal Spin

American Ninja Warrior 6's Metal Spin in Stage Two

The Metal Spin appeared in Stage Two from American Ninja Warrior 4 to American Ninja Warrior 6, with the same position as SASUKE (as the fifth obstacle). However, unlike in SASUKE, the distance between the starting platform and the chains was smaller.

On American Ninja Warrior 4, 3 competitors (Paul Kasemir, Brent Steffensen, and Derek Nakamoto) could reach this obstacle, and Brent Steffensen was the only one who could complete it, and later finished Stage Two. On American Ninja Warrior 5, 8 competitors could reach this obstacle, and only one competitor (Andres De La Rosa) failed.

On American Ninja Warrior 6, the gap between the chains and the landing platform was made larger than on American Ninja Warrior 4 and 5, requiring competitors must swing the chain to reach the landing platform. Because of that, many competitors could not stick the dismount to the landing platform and failed. Only Joe Moravsky and Elet Hall could complete the obstacle, and later finished Stage Two.

On American Ninja Warrior 7, the obstacle was replaced by the Roulette Row.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS/NBC broadcast and external information found.


SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
14 12 12 100%
15 6 7 85.71%
16 8 15 53.33%
17 8 10 80%
18 3 3 100%
19 0 0 N/A
20 1 1 100%
21 4 4 100%
22 4 5 80%
23 7 8 87.5%
24 7 10 70%
25 5 5 100%
26 6 7 85.71%
27 10 16 62.5%
Total 80 99 80.81%

American Ninja Warrior

ANW Clears Attempts Percentage
ANW4 1 3 33.33%
ANW5 7 8 87.5%
ANW6 2 7 28.57%
USA vs. Japan 2 3 66.67%
USA vs. The World 4 5 80%
Total 16 26 61.54%

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