Meagan Martin

Meagan Martin in American Ninja Warrior 6

Meagan Martin is a 25 year old rock climber, former Division 1 athlete who participated in the Denver qualifiers in American Ninja Warrior 6. Prior to her run, she trained 5-6 days a week to get prepared for American Ninja Warrior.

American Ninja Warrior 6

On the course she flew through the first 4 obstacles but had a little slip up on the spinning log. She was also able to beat the Devil Steps becoming the first woman ever to do so. On the Warped Wall, she came really close on her first two attempts. But on her third attempt, she was able to complete it and become the third women ever to complete a qualifying course and the first as a rookie. In the city finals, she was able to beat the first three obstacles easily. However, on the spikes to cargo net, she mistakenly jumped forward instead of up to the spikes and failed.

However, she was able to compete in Las Vegas as a wildcard. On the course, she was able to beat the first three obstacles easily and make it to the Jumping Spider and became the second woman in American Ninja Warrior history to complete Jumping Spider and then the first woman to clear the Half-Pipe Attack. Unfortunately, she was running short on time and managed to take only one attempt on the Warped Wall before timing out.

American Ninja Warrior 7

Meagan made her dramatic return in American Ninja Warrior 7 and competed in the Kansas City qualifying course. On the course, Meagan slowly but surely cleared the first five obstacles with a little scare on the Modified Ring Toss. On the Warped Wall, Meagan was able to ace it on her first attempt and became the first woman to complete a city qualifying course twice and qualify to the city finals in consecutive seasons. She came in 37th place and was the only woman to complete the Kansas City qualifying course. In the Kansas City Finals, Meagan shocked everybody when she failed the second obstacle, the Big Dipper (an obstacle she easily cleared in qualifying) placing 38th Place. Meagan competed in Vegas once again as a wildcard.

In Vegas, Meagan was very determined to be the first woman to clear the first stage. She took a very slow approach to the first three obstacles wasting precious time. She was then able to complete the Jumping Spider once again and even the new Sonic Curve obstacle reaching the Warped Wall with 40 seconds left. On her first attempt, Meagan nearly skimmed the top of the wall but fell short. Due to fatigue, her next two attempts weren't as strong as her first and she unfortunately timed out once again. On Team Ninja Warrior, Meagan has been unbeatable on Team Ninja making it up the wall every single run and has not lost on Team Ninja Warrior including Kacy Catanzaro, Michelle Warnky , Jessie Graff, and Tiana Webberley.

American Ninja Warrior 8

In the 8th tournament of American Ninja Warrior, Meagan competed in the Indianapolis qualifying with her mom watching from the sidelines for the first time. On the course, Meagan maneuvered through the first five obstacles with finesse. On the new and improved Warped Wall, Meagan had a small stumble on her first attempt but managed to ace it on her second attempt and become the first woman in American Ninja Warrior history to clear a qualifying course in three consecutive seasons.

In the city finals, Meagan was able to redeem her past two performances and complete the first half of the course even though she had a huge stumble at the Warped Wall. To top that off, she managed to complete the Salmon Ladder and the Hourglass Drop. On the new obstacle, the Circuit Board, Meagan had trouble locking in the pegs and ultimately lost her grip and failed. Although she failed, she managed to finish 8th place clinching her spot to Vegas making her the third woman in ANW history to successfully qualify to Vegas.

Coming into Stage 1 hoping to continue her best season, Meagan came in hopeful to complete Stage 1 (Like fellow female Jessie Graff did the week before). Though she was one of only six women to get past the Propeller Bar, she sadly fell on the new Giant Log Grip, like many of her fellow competitors.

American Ninja Warrior 9

Meagan competed in the Denver Qualifiers looking for her fourth consecutive city qualifiers clear. She was able to maneuver through the first four obstacles with ease. On the Rail Runner, she was able to make the first transition to the second pair of handles but got the bar lopsided which caused her to fail, marking her first defeat on a qualifying course and ending her streak of three qualifying buzzers. However, she placed 23rd overall, and ended up advancing to the city finals for the fourth straight time. Additionally, Meagan was one of three women to place within the top 30, setting a record for the second highest amount of women to do so, behind Philadelphia qualifying last season.

In the city finals, Meagan was able to avenge her defeat on the Rail Runner and cleared the Warped Wall marking her fourth consecutive season to reach the top of the wall and second straight season attempting the back half of the city finals course. On the back half of the course, Meagan defeated the Salmon Ladder with ease but ultimately failed the Wedge like many other competitors that night. However, she still punched her ticket to Vegas by finishing first in the top two female competitors. In the Vegas finals, Meagan came out with the fierce mentality to defeat stage one. However, on the course, Meagan struggled on the first five obstacles costing her valuable time. On the Warped Wall, she failed on her first attempt but nailed it on her second. Unfortunately, her time was running very low causing her to time out right after she got up the wall.






6 37 Timed Out Warped Wall (First Stage) Timed out. First women in ANW history to complete the Half-Pipe Attack.
7 95 Timed Out Warped Wall (First Stage) Timed out.
8 Failed Giant Log Grip (First Stage)
9 Time Out Domino Pipes (First Stage) Timed out right after clearing the Warped Wall

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