Matsuda Daisuke (松田 大介) lives in Katashina-mura,Tone-gun and work as a water plumber. He competed in SASUKE 32, wearing 74. He passed the first three obstacle fluently but sadly failed the Orugōru. After the competition, he made the home made Orugōru. But, in the next tournament Orugōru was replaced by the new obstacle Fish Bone. He returned for SASUKE 33, but failed on the fourth obstacle once again, with the Fish Bone proving his downfall this time around. He failed the same place in SASUKE 34 while before the tournament he made the home made Fish Bone obstacle.


SASUKE # Result Notes
32 74 Failed Orugōru (First Stage)

Shown on Sasuke 32 Navi.

33 66 Failed Fish Bone (Fish Bone) Digest. Shown on Sasuke 33 Navi
34 68 Failed Fish Bone (Fish Bone)

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