Matsubara Shinji (松原慎治) is one of the members of Black Tigers, known by his wierd habit of snake eating. He competed in SASUKE 30, wearing number 2931 and failed on the Tarzan Rope.

In SASUKE 31, he wore 32. Shinji timed his paced very well and passed a lot of obstacle with ease. However, he struggled on the Soritatsu Kabe and timed out on the Lumberjack Climb, very close to finish First Stage to join along with Yamamoto Hiroshige

He competed in SASUKE 32, wearing 32. However, he failed early on the TIE Fighter


SASUKE # Result Notes
30 2931 Failed Tarzan Rope (First Stage)
31 32 Failed Lumberjack Climb (First Stage) Time Out
32 32 Failed TIE Fighter (First Stage)


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