The Maruta Nobori (丸太登り), referred to as the Barrel Climb on Ninja Warrior, was the first ever obstacle in the SASUKE tournaments. In the first competition, it was called as the Taki Nobori (滝登り), in which Ninja Warrior called as the Cataract Climb.

The obstacle consists of five rotating logs (or drums in the first competition) angled upwards at 45°, making it extremely slippery to traverse.

Without a good foothold, the logs will roll any competitor who lacks the skill for the Barrel Climb into the muddy waters below.

It is best to try and leap over the logs with two, long jumps, as more contact time with the spinning barrels equals failure.

After 7 tournaments, it was replaced by the Godantobi, though it would later return as an obstacle which is now fused with the Maruta Kudari (called as the Rolling Hill) in SASUKE 31.

Competitors' Success Rate

  • All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found
SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
1 84 99 84.84%
2 50 68 74.63%
3 23 26 88.46%
4 57 63 90.48%
5 44 49 89.8%
6 44 49 89.8%
7 38 49 77.56%
Total* 588 700 82.86%
  • Note: According to a special before SASUKE 15, the obstacle was passed 587 times out of its 700 attempts. It is unknown what percentage passed/failed in any specific tournament.


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