Luci Romberg (ルーシー・ロンバーグ) was one of the three qualifiers in the third American Ninja Challenge, winning a place in SASUKE 21. That competition, she became the first woman ever to clear the Jumping Spider and attempt the Half-Pipe Attack (which she ultimately failed). She was invited back the next tournament, but failed the Jumping Spider.

She came back in American Ninja Warrior, the first American qualifiers for SASUKE. However, despite her success in Japan, she had a shaky run in qualifying, almost losing her balance on the dismount of the Rope Swing, and ultimately failed the Pipe Slider after the bar went askew on the second jolt, coming off the track.

After a 2 year hiatus Luci returned in American Ninja Warrior 4 and managed to battle all the way to the Devil Steps before failing at the end of the obstacle, just inches away from the dismount

After a 4 year hiatus she return to be part of Kevin Bull's Team Exapandabulls on Team Ninja Warrior.

After a long hiatus from American Ninja Warrior, she returned in American Ninja Warrior 9 for Los Angeles Qualifiers, but ultimately was cut from the broadcast, although it was revealed she shockingly failed the Floating Steps.


Due to the American Ninja Challenge serving as a spiritual pilot to American Ninja Warrior, Romburg is technically the first American female competitor to clear the Jumping Spider. NBC continuously chooses to ignore this.


SASUKE # Result Notes
21 35 Failed Half-Pipe Attack (First Stage)
22 63 Failed Jumping Spider (First Stage)

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