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The Log Grip (ロッググリップ) is a First Stage obstacle implemented with the SASUKE 18 redesign after Nagano Makoto's kanzenseiha. The competitor must cling onto a vertical log 60 cm thick with their arms and legs while it slides down a nine meter track to the next platform. The log contains many small indentations to provide some grip. The track is similar to the one previously used for the Sandan Rolling Maruta, but the drops are bigger and the track is longer. In addition, the drops are closer together, almost eliminating a chance to recover from the previous drop.


In SASUKE 21, the Log Grip was modified. The actual log was placed lower to the platform and a new mechanism was engineered where once a competitor applied his or her weight, the log would start down the track. This proved to make the log much easier to start. Competitors would fail more because of the speed and shock of the drops. It was the second obstacle initially, but became the third obstacle in SASUKE 22; the Circle Hammer (and later the Curtain Slider and X-Bridge) took its previous position as the second obstacle. In SASUKE 25, it was moved even later in the course, shifting to the fifth obstacle. Since being moved later into the course people would show fatigue and fail. It was removed after SASUKE 25.


The Log Grip returned for SASUKE 29 as the second obstacle. However, the obstacle now had two ledges to hang on instead of the holes in the previous versions. For men the ledges were taller than the ledges women used. This modification made the obstacle extremely easier as many competitors were placing their hands on top of the ledges, providing extra grip. As a result, fewer people failed here.

Log Grip, SASUKE 29

SASUKE 31 Version

Minor Modifications were made to the Log Grip in SASUKE 31. The first is that the track is steeper. The second, is that the drops are much larger than usual, which forced competitors to hold on tightly to prevent themselves from falling off the log. Those who cleared had serious bruises from holding onto the log. It was replaced by the TIE Fighter in SASUKE 32.

Log grip sasuke 31

A tester on the Log Grip, SASUKE 31

American Ninja Warrior Appearances

The Log Grip made its first appearance on the American course during American Ninja Warrior 3 Qualifying and Semi-finals, but the log was much thinner than the one on Sasuke. It returned in every regional of American Ninja Warrior 4 as the second obstacle again. The log was thicker and made out of wood this time. After a one year hiatus, it was back in the Dallas regional of American Ninja Warrior 6, but with four handles, two on each side, instead of holes and only one drop. The handles version returned in the Pittsburgh regional American Ninja Warrior 7, but with two drops again. In American Ninja Warrior 8 the same version returned in Philadelphia. Later that year, in the National Finals, the Log Grip returned in the form of the Giant Log Grip. The version had four handles as usual, but a a 50 foot long track, three drops in the track and a dismount onto a small landing platform floating in the water. The log also twisted around more. Competitors also had to time their landing correctly or let the log stop swinging to land. People who failed it include Meagan Martin, Brent Steffensen, Kevin Bull, and Jamie Rahn.

Competitor's Success Rate

All results based on the TBS broadcast and external information found

SASUKE Clears Attempts Percentage
18 37 52 71.15%
19 43 52 82.69%
20 63 85 74.12%
21 58 73 79.45%
22 49 66 83.05%
23 64 72 88.89%
24 36 60 61.02%
25 21 26 82.61%
29 57 60 95%
30 57 68 83.82%
31 41 42 97.61%
Total 525 656 78.79%

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