Here are the list of competitors in SASUKE who went the farthest in the 33 competitions in SASUKE. In the past 33 competitions, 22 people became the farthest with Nagano Makoto being the most times to achieve it with 8. (Take note that even though there are other competitors who attempted the same obstacle but not listed in the table, it is for the competitors who went the farthest.)

Competition STAGE Competitor RESULT Notes
1 4 Ōmori Akira Tsuna Nobori [11m up]
2 4 Tanaka Hikaru Tsuna Nobori [12m up]
3 4 Yamada Katsumi Tsuna Nobori [14.5m up]
4 4 Akiyama Kazuhiko Kanzenseiha [6.0 secs. Left] First kanzenseiha achieved in SASUKE
5 3 Yamamoto Shingo Pipe Slider First competition where no one attempted the Final Stage
6 3 Yamada Katsumi Pipe Slider Yamada landed on the mat but fell off to the right.
7 4 Yamamoto Shingo Spider Climb [Withdrew, About 3 meters up.] Yamamoto's shoulder dislocated after earlier injury
8 4 Kane Kosugi Spider Climb [About 18 meters up.] Kane was the first to beat the Spider Climb, as well as the first American to be both Last Man Standing and reach the Final Stage.
9 3 Nagano Makoto Pipe Slider
10 3 Yamada Katsumi Pipe Slider
11 4 Nagano Makoto Tsuna Nobori [20m up]
12 4 Nagano Makoto Tsuna Nobori [Reached the top of the tower, 0.11 seconds late] Nagano was close to pressing the final button and had reached for it with his right hand. However, the rope swung back before he could do so, and he timed out.
13 4 Nagano Makoto Tsuna Nobori [24.4m up ]
14 3 Kobayashi Shinji Devil Balanço First tournament the final obstacle of the 3rd Stage were not reached.
15 3 Takeda Toshihiro Devil Balanço
16 3 Shiratori Bunpei Pipe Slider
17 4 Nagano Makoto Kanzenseiha [2.56 secs. Left] Second kanzenseiha achieved in SASUKE.
18 3 Nagano Makoto, Takahashi Kenji, Nagasaki Shunsuke Shin-Cliffhanger Transition to third ledge. Nagano is disqualified for touching the metal support rather than the ledge.
19 2 Yamada Koji, Washimi Yūji Salmon Ladder First competition where no one attempted the Third Stage.
20 3 Levi Meeuwenberg Shin-Cliffhanger
21 3 Nagano Makoto Gliding Ring A design flaw made it so that the ring had to be pushed down the track.
22 4 Urushihara Yuuji G-Rope [22.1m up] First time the Final Stage was attempted in Shin-SASUKE.
23 4 Nagano Makoto G-Rope [Reached the top of the tower, 0.21 seconds late] Final Stage time limit had been reduced from 45 to 40 seconds.
24 4 Urushihara Yuuji Kanzenseiha [3.57 secs. Left] Third Kanzenseiha achieved in SASUKE. Third to attempt out of the five competitors.
25 3 Lee En-Chih, Hashimoto Kouji Ultimate Cliffhanger Second ledge
26 3 Lee En-Chih, Okuyama Yoshiyuki Ultimate Cliffhanger Fourth ledge
27 4 Urushihara Yuuji Kanzenseiha [6.71 secs. Left] First person to achieve kanzenseiha twice.
28 3 Urushihara Yuuji, Kanno Hitoshi Crazy Cliffhanger Transition to fourth ledge
29 3 Morimoto Yūsuke Pipe Slider Nearly finished the stage but fell on the dismount.
30 4 Matachi Ryo Tsuna Nobori [23m up]
31 4 Morimoto Yūsuke Kanzenseiha [2.59 secs. Left] Fourth and youngest person to achieve kanzenseiha in SASUKE
32 3 Drew Drechsel Vertical Limit Kai Transition from Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger
33 3 Drew Drechsel Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger Transition to third ledge.

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