A Japanese game show which has been translated into English and has an English language Wiki is going to run into translation issues. This page will make an attempt to clear some of these misconceptions up.

When translating SASUKE, G4 understandably translated all Japanese obstacle names into English; "Sextuple Step," "Rolling Log," "Warped Wall" and the vast majority of others are pretty accurate translations, so they are not part of this list. Also omitted are names that do not include an extra vowel or punctuation mark accounting for an elongation, for example Urushihara Yuuji or Ōmori Akira.

For the sake of this page, all obstacle names that use Japanese words will appear here in English and name tense will be reversed (like Ninja Warrior's subtitles) with links to their pages (which have their correct Japanese titles).

Incorrect Phrase or Name Correct Version Source Additional Notes
Ascending Climb Hang Climbing G4
Bridge of Blades Cross Bridge/X Bridge G4 The Cross Bridge and X Bridge were different obstacles, but G4 calls them the same name.
Chain Swing Hang Move G4
Christopher Fills Christopher Fields G4
Dance Bridge Dāsu Bridge G4
Eye of the Needle Pincushion G4
Globe Grasp Lamp Grasper/Kudari Lamp Grasper G4
Grip Hang Delta Bridge G4
Hirohisa Imai Imai Hiroshi G4
Lee Enchi Li En Zhi Natural translation issues "Lee Enchi" is a phonetic spelling of the Katakana that represent Li's name.
Lee Yen Chi Li En Zhi G4
Mountain Climb Free Climbing/Kabe Nobori G4 Ninja Warrior lumped these two obstacles together.
Needle Mountain Pincushion Natural translation issues "Hariyama" uses the Kanji for "needle" & "mountain," but the two of them together form a compound which means "pincushion."
Pillar Path Pole Bridge G4
Prism Tilt Prism See-Saw G4
Saddlecloth Start position/Number/Bib The Japanese word "zekken" is translated on as "saddlecloth." "Zekken," derived from a German word meaning "covering," means a cloth bib worn by athletes with a number or logo on it. In track and field, alpine sports, and other athletic events that draw start positions, the physical object is referred to in English as a "bib."
Spider Walk Spider Walk, Ugokukabe, and Spider Climb G4 While this isn't a direct mistranslation, Ninja Warrior lumped these three obstacles in as one.
Steeplejack Construction worker While this isn't completely incorrect, "construction worker" is by far the more common phrase.
Super Vault Pole Jump G4
Twelve Timbers Jyunidantobi G4
Yasushi Kameyama Masashi Kameyama G4
Yasushi Yamada Koji Yamada G4 Some claim this may be to avoid confusion with Katsumi Yamada, who has the same initials in English.
Wall Lift Wall Lifting G4
Spinning Bridge Spin Bridge G4

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