In this challenge on Kinniku Banzuke, competitors had to complete obstacles while riding a unicycle. There have been 6 versions of this event, 5 normal and 1 special.

Like A Pierrot I

The first version of this event had nine obstacles.

The competitor had to first go around a bunch of small poles and then go over a hill which sloped up and down. They then had to cross a bridge which zig-zagged and then go up some steps from a corner. Then the competitor had to cross over 4 platforms made out of springs. After that they had to dodge a pendulum and jump over a small gap to then jump up another staircase. They finally had to cross a narrow bridge to reach the finish line. This version was won twice with times of 1:45 and 1:18, respectively.


Sloped Hill

Zig-Zag Bridge

Corner Staircase

Spring Platforms



Final Staircase

Grooved Bridge

Like A Pierrot II

The second version of this event had nine obstacles.

S-Curve Slalom



Banked Turn



Three Jumps


Log Bridge

Like A Pierrot III

The third version of this event had nine obstacles.

Perfect Circle

The Slalom Zone



The Steps

Hall of Hammers

Zig-Zag Bridge

Three-Tier Ramp

Narrow Bridge

Like A Pierrot IV

The fourth version of this event had eight obstacles.

Time Trial


The Stairs

Deadly Hammers

Zig-Zag Hill

Sword Ramp

Descending Slope

Narrow Bridge

Like A Pierrot V

The fifth version of this event had nine obstacles.

Wheel of Life

Flower Slalom

Cross Bridge

Boulder Dash



Conveyer Belt

Teeter Bridge

Raging Ramp

Like A Pierrot Ghost

The ghost version of this event had nine obstacles.

Dilapidated Corridor


Bloodthirsty Axes

Death Heads



Coffin Seesaw

Narrow Zig-Zag


No one made it to the last obstacle, with 2 of the 3 Handa Brothers, Noriaki and Yoshiaki both failing on the Narrow Zig-Zag.


Like A Pierrot I

Name (Age) Profile Result Notes
Kan Sayaka (13) Student Final Staircase
Goto Naotada (29) Truck Driver Zig-Zag Bridge
Kadota Reiko (17) Student Zig-Zag Bridge
Izumida Daiki (18) Student Grooved Bridge
Narita Takako Student Sloped Hill
Mio Yasutoshi (46) Unicycle Championship Competitor Slalom
Kitazawa Kei (12) Student Corner Staircase
Kitazawa Yuta (18) Student Spring Platforms
Tsuchiya Fuyuki (29) Former Unicycle Champion Kanzenseiha
Machi Takanobu (29) Businessman Sloped Hill
Ishii Seiji (18) Student Corner Staircase
Ono Yuichi (20) Student Kanzenseiha

Like A Pierrot II

Name (Age) Profile Result Note
Akimoto Misuzu (16) Student Seesaw
Wakae Masanori (60) Construction Worker S-Curve Slalom
Okubo Eri (13) Student L-Bridge
Egami Hiroko (12) Student L-Bridge
Hata Natsuki (13) Student Kanzenseiha
Izumida Daiki (18) Student Kanzenseiha
Ashino Takashi (23) Company Man Staircase
Kato Yuichiro (21) College Student Kanzenseiha

Like A Pierrot III

Name (Age) Profile Result Note
Shofuku Risa (20) Student Hall of Hammers
Shofuku Megumi (18) Student The Slalom Zone
Kitazawa Kei (12) Student The Slalom Zone
Kitazawa Yuta (18) Student The Steps
Ashino Takashi (23) Company Man Hall of Hammers
Wakae Masanori (61) Unicycle Federation Official Perfect Circle
Takagi Tadamasa (24) Businessman Ramp
Izumida Daiki (18) Student Zig-Zag Bridge
Machi Takanobi (29) Businessman Perfect Circle
Ishii Seiji (19) Student The Slalom Zone (1st Attempt)

Zig-Zag Bridge (2nd Attempt)

Handa Yoshiaki (25) Data Analyst Zig-Zag Bridge
Handa Hideaki (23) Systems Manager Perfect Circle
Handa Noriaki (21) University Student Hall of Hammers
Ono Yuichi (20) Student Zig-Zag Bridge (1st Attempt)

Three-Tier Ramp (2nd Attempt)

Kato Yuichiro (21) College Student Three-Tier Ramp (1st Attempt)

Kanzenseiha (2nd Attempt)

Like A Pierrot IV

Name (Age) Profile Result Note
Student Time Trial Time Out
Goto Ryuji (15) Student Time Trial
Student Slalom
Ishii Seiji (19) Student Deadly Hammers
Hoshiba Asumi (11) Student The Stairs
Izumida Daiki (18) Student Deadly Hammers
Takagi Tadamasa (24) Businessman Zig-Zag Hill
Maeda Makoto (15) Student Deadly Hammers
Ashino Takashi (23) Company Man Zig-Zag Hill
Kato Yuichiro (21) College Student Deadly Hammers
Tatsukawa Shinya (24) Performer Time Trial
Onishi Midori (13) Student Slalom
Tamegawa Shimeaki (20) Hair and Makeup Artist Deadly Hammers
Mio Yasutoshi (47) Businessman Time Trial
Ono Yuichi (20) Student Sword Ramp
Handa Noriaki (21) University Student Deadly Hammers
Handa Hideaki (23) Systems Manager Slalom
Handa Yoshiaki (25) Data Analyst Kanzenseiha

Like A Pierrot V

Name (Age) Profile Result Note
Nashija Ai (11) Student S-Curve
Handa Noriaki (22) University Student Wheel of Life
Koda Yoshiro (35) Salesman Wheel of Life
Izumida Daiki (19) Student Boulder Dash
Machi Takanobu (30) Businessman Wheel of Life
Tsuchiya Fuyuki (31) Former Unicycle Champion S-Curve
Kawamura Daisuke(24) Student Flower Slalom
Horiwaka Katsuhara (39) Medical Equipment Manager Wheel of Life
Kato Yuichiro (22) College Student Seesaw
Kazawa Minako (13) Student Seesaw
Tsunagi Kanako (15) Student S-Curve
Minota Ai Student Wheel of Life
Kitazawa Yuta (20) Student Boulder Dash
Nakajima Saori (11) Fifth Grader Flower Slalom
Kawaguchi Harumi (16) Student Flower Slalom
Handa Hideaki (25) Systems Manager Cross Bridge
Ukiya Kaoriko (18) Student S-Curve
Handa Yoshiaki (27) Data Analyst Conveyer Belt (1st Attempt)

Kanzenseiha (2nd Attempt)

Like A Pierrot Ghost

Name (Age) Profile Result Note
Shishikura Yue (7) Student Dilapidated Corridor
Tanida Takashi (26) Unicycle Marathoner Island
Okuni Wahei (48) Salesman Dilapidated Corrior
Okui Shiho (13) Student Death Heads
Ishizuka Yoshihisa (28) Truck Driver Bloodthirsty Axes
Koda Maki (18) Student Staircase
Shishikura Takayuki Businessman Graveyard
Handa Noriaki (24) University Student Narrow Zig-Zag
Tanaka Miho (8) Student Bloodthirsty Axes
Akari Eri (13) Student Bloodthirsty Axes
Handa Yoshiaki (29) Data Analyst Narrow Zig-Zag



Like a Pierrot I

Like a Pierrot II

Like a Pierrot III

Like a Pierrot IV

Like a Pierrot V

Like a Pierrot Ghost

Player Profile Backgrounds


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